Beverly Hills Psychologist

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills Psychologist | Philip Pierce, Ph.D.Patients who are seeking a psychologist for help with anxiety (panic attacks, excessive worrying, OCD) as well as depression and related issues may find Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be the most effective approach.Empirical studies have demonstrated that this goal-oriented, collaborative treatment is successful in overcoming a wide variety of psychological problems in a time efficient manner (3-6 months).

Both in my position as a Lecturer at UCLA and in my private practice in Beverly Hills, I always attempt to create an atmosphere of warmth and support in which learning and therapy can best occur.

I am experienced in treating not only anxiety and depression but also relationship and addiction issues, eating disorders and the full range of other psychological difficulties. I welcome your e-mails or calls to discuss your particular situation.