Therapy for the
Entertainment Industry

I have extensive experience working in the film and television industry and can empathize with the special challenges of the field. Whether it’s writing, directing or producing, I understand that over-sensitivity to rejection, negative thinking and other self-sabotaging behaviors can interfere with achieving success in a complex, difficult (and exciting!) arena.

Balancing a personal life with the tremendous creative pressures, tight deadlines and risk factors of the industry can trigger overwhelming feelings of frustration or depression. Social anxiety desensitization, cognitive restructuring and relaxation techniques can give you the tools necessary to navigate successfully through pressure-laden situations with maximum creativity.

While the focus of my treatment for most disorders is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I did complete a two year certificate program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Wright Institute. The world of metaphor, myth and dreams that Freud and Jung so richly mapped is particularly valuable in working with creative minds.

In addition to my work in my practice with artists and entertainment industry professionals, I led a seminar for the Writers Guild of America (WGA) on psychological techniques of “Surviving the Ups and Downs of a Writing Career.” I also presented a program on ways to manage anxiety, stress and foster creativity for the Directors Guild of America (DGA) for their seminar, “Directing Episodic TV: Getting the Job.”

Philip Pierce, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist located in Los Angeles, specializing in Therapy for the Entertainment Industry.