Cognitive Distortions

Think of the number of times that your mood has dropped after one of the following cognitive distortions. A twisted thought can create a chain of negative moods!


Labeling “I’m an idiot! How could I do that?” Are you a really an idiot? It was a mistake.
All or Nothing Thinking “I’m a failure.” Black and white thinking — “success” is a continuum.
Over- generalization “This always happen to me!” A single negative event is not never-ending.
Mind reading “I don’t matter enough for him to call me back.” That’s probably not the issue.
Emotional Reasoning “I feel hopeless.” Negative emotions don’t necessarily reflect the way things really are.
Mental Filter “She said I could do better.” Are you ignoring any positive feedback and obsessing about the critical comment?
Should Statements “I shouldn’t have eaten that cake.” This will probably make you feel guilty and frustrated.
Jumping to Conclusions “I’ll never understand this.” Is that absolutely true? Or will it simply take time and work.